Alex Marie Brinkley's Debut Single "Broken" is coming soon!

Alex Marie Brinkley

We are so excited to partner with Alex Marie, a crazy talented singer-songwriter from Texas. Her debut single, "Broken", will be released on 1/17/17 and we cannot wait!

We met Alex Marie on Instagram and absolutely love her GiGY™ Bag combo. As you can see by her Mini Pote, she is not a one instrument gal! Alex Marie loves her piano and her ukulele. 

A little about Alex Marie from her website...
"With a recent win at the 2016 Wildflower Arts & Music Festival Singer/Songwriter contest in Dallas, Texas, Alex Marie Brinkley is lighting up both the Dallas/Fort Worth and Nashville music scenes. In Nashville, she’s been working with Grammy-winning songwriters and multi-platinum producers, where she is currently recording her first single and EP. The Nashville Songwriters’ Association International has acknowledged her as “One to Watch” in 2016."

Here are Alex Marie's links so you can follow along with all her great things to come:

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