Madeleine got to sing live on the radio!

This has been a year of firsts for us! 

On November 28th, we had the opportunity to be guests of Julia Sherwin on her radio show, Perspective on Parenting. Not only did we share the story behind GiGY, Madeleine got to perform live! 

As a mother/daughter biz, we are about so much more than bringing you awesome products. Our business journey is about learning from and teaching each other, growing together, and encouraging one other to try things we never thought we would.

Chatting with Julia live was such a fun experience and another lesson in the benefits of reaching outside your comfort zone. 

Here is the link to the episode if you would like to listen. In the first half, we talk about how Julia and I met through Once Upon a Time Creation (my alter ego). Then we introduce GiGY and Madeleine wraps things up with a Lady Gaga cover.

 GiGY and Perspective on Parenting

Rock On!


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