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Organizing and Displaying your Instruments with Liz from Shelf Help, Carrie the Organizer, and GiGY

If there is one thing I have learned from raising a musician is that musicians never have just one instrument. When I mention this to people we meet at festivals and shows, I get a nod and big smile from the musician(s) and a big eye roll from the rest of the family. It may be love, may be an addiction (no judgement, we all have them). Whatever it is, it's real and happening in homes everywhere. 

I think there are a few things we can all agree on.
  • Instruments are played more often when they are easily accessible.
  • Keeping instruments safe is super important. 
  • Family harmony (no pun intended) is one key to a happy house. 

So here is the challenge we all face...

Keep instruments and music safe and accessible (but also ready to go for lessons and gigs) in an organized and beautiful way that works well in our home.  

We are teaming up with a couple experts, Liz MacDonald and Carrie Kauffman, to help you with some life hacks to keep the musicians and musician supporters happy at home.

Liz is the host and founder of Shelf Helpa weekly video series focused on teaching and inspiring people to design better spaces in their homes.  Liz shared pictures of her home and how she keeps her music and instruments organized and ready to go.

Gigy Ukulele Case and Shelf Help interior design

GiGY Guitar and Ukulele Cases and Shelf Help Interior Design Guitar and Ukulele Display


Carrie, of Carrie's Essential Services, is an award winning Professional Organizer who works to organize and de-clutter homes on the Main Line and surrounding communities. Her innovative approach introduces functional systems that work for your specific lifestyle.

Here are Carrie's words of wisdom:

1.) When in Doubt, Wall Mount Those Instruments!
Empty wall space is the perfect spot for instruments & instrument cases that can be large, unwieldy & perpetually in the way.  You’ll need an empty wall space, peg wall or similar wall mount/heavy duty hooks to accommodate your specific instrument. Silicone covered hooks are great for protecting your instruments.  If you have smaller instruments or accessories (think harmonica or guitar picks), use a silicone hook to mount a small pail & keep similar small instruments/accessories together.
If you are creating a true display space, paint the peg board first in a fun color or even put fun contact paper on it with sheet music.  Hang the instruments without their cases to truly display them in all their beauty. 
Wall mounted displays ensure your instruments are always easily accessible for practice or gigs. 
2.) Organize Unruly Cords
Cords for instruments, amps can easily be misplaced, disorganized if not properly stored & labeled. You can lose precious practice time trying to find the right accessories for the right instrument. Use an over the door hanger with 12 slots.  Place cords neatly in their own slot. Take the extra time to label each slot clearly so you know what goes where.
3.) Put the Music on Display
Create an organized space that will inspire! Have a vinyl album collection?  Display your favorite album covers on the wall using Ikea Spice rack holders or individual wall shelves.  Have old sheet music you can imagine parting with? Buy a few rustic frames to display


Here is the instrument wall in our house. Fortunately, there is plenty of room to the left over the piano to add more hooks. The collection keeps growing and Madeleine is only 14!

GiGY Ukulele and Guitar Cases Guitar and Ukulele Wall Display

To inspire you even more, here is our Pinterest Board dedicated to guitar and ukulele displays: GIGY Pinterest. If you check it out, please let us know your favorite. Mine is definitely the instruments hung on a tree branch (inside the house!)

Rock On!


 GiGY and Shelf Help Music and Instrument Organization

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