GiGY™ Press Release 03292016

For Immediate Release

GiGY™ launches the first “Build Your Own Gig Bag” for guitar players tired of the same old, same old.

New line of multifunctional guitar gig bags made in the USA allows musicians to customize design.

PAOLI, PA - March 29, 2016 - As a long winter of rehearsals comes to an end and the concert season begins, musicians of every age will be toting their guitars to gigs, festivals, and backyard campfires. How many of those musicians have a gig bag as amazing as the instrument inside? None. The days of drab black and brown gig bags are over.  Custom GiGY™ bags are as unique as the musicians who own them.

Born from a dream to fund her college education, Madeleine and her mom, Jen, founded GiGY™ so Madeleine could carry her instruments in style. Jen says, “Madeleine has amassed an impressive collection of instruments for a 13 year old and we were tired of boring black bags”. They are now introducing their first line of customizable gig bags with a patent-pending, interchangeable system.

GiGY™ gig bags are offered in an array of colors with a fast-growing collection of “Potes” that easily attach to the outside of the bag. Never heard of a Pote? That’s because Jen and Madeleine made it up; detachable pieces can be used as pockets for your gig bag, or used separately as a tote. There were no existing words to describe this feature, so they created the word Pote. Potes are interchangeable between gig bags, so you can easily organize your music and equipment or change up your look when the mood strikes.

The GiGY™ goal is to create a community of artists, by sharing the talents of up and coming musicians, and showcasing visual art through new collections of Potes.

Learn more about GiGY™ at www.gigystuffcom.

Media Contact:

Jen Anderson, Owner


Phone 484-321-6310

Paoli, PA 19301