Vinnie Paolizzi's EP "Waiting on Me"

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Vinnie Paolizzi, "Waiting on Me" 

The best part about this business is the people we meet and the artists we are introduced to along the way. It is such a treat when we get to see an artist that we have designed a GiGY™ case for. 

Last Saturday, Madeleine and I went to check out the Haverford Music Festival. Because we didn't have a GiGY™ booth at this event, we got to walk around and listen to the music on all the stages. We were a bit bummed that we showed up too late to see Sunday Muse, but then found out we were just in time to see Vinnie Paolizzi

Vinnie Paolizzi at the Haverford Music Festival

We were introduced to Vinnie because a custom GiGY™ Bag was ordered as a gift for his college graduation. Since then we have been following him on Instagram and were  so excited to hear him play.

 Vinnie Paolizzi GiGY™ Bag

He was awesome and we had a blast! He is now on tour in Nashville, stopping back in Philly, and then headed to California. Hopefully we can catch him again when he comes back to town.

Vinnie is a local songwriter and musician who grew up playing in bands in the burbs until he moved downtown, attended Temple University, became part of the Philly music scene.

You can check out his EP and upcoming schedule on his website:

Vinnie Paolizzi and GiGY™ on Instagram

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