Uke Life GiGY™ Bag

Uke Life GiGY™ Bag

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Style, comfort, protection, and functionality! 

GiGY® is teaming up with Uke Life to bring you an awesome gig bag for you and your ukulele. 

Why carry your ukulele around in a boring black gig bag when you can get a GiGY® Bag? GiGY® Bags were carefully designed to protect your instrument in style.

Each GiGY® Bag is modular. There is the base GiGY® Bag, Mini Pote, and handle. The components are interchangeable between all the GiGY® Bag sizes to help you stay organized. And you can change your look whenever you want just by switching out your Pote and handle. It's so much fun!

Your order will include the GiGY® Bag color and size of your choice, a Uke Life Mini Pote, and black Handle.

What is a Pote? That's our made up word for the pocket/tote that attaches to your GiGY® Bag. Each one is detachable and can be carried as a tote (it come with a wristlet strap). The Mini Pote is perfect for your picks, extra strap, tuner, and more.

GiGY® Bag Specs:

The fit

Please measure your ukulele before ordering. All measurements are for the interior of the GiGY® Bag.

  • Soprano: 22" x 8"
  • Concert: 24.5" x 9"
  • Tenor: 27" x 10" 

The features and materials:

  • water repellent, heavy canvas exterior
  • soft fleece lining (black for jade and gray, white for navy and pink)
  • accent piping (black for jade and gray, white for navy and pink)
  • heavy duty zipper
  • neck support for concert and tenor GiGY® Bags
  • durable, 3/4" closed cell foam padding on the top, bottom, and sides
  • comfortable, soft nylon adjustable over the shoulder or cross body strap
  • back loop for hanging

GiGY® Bags were designed with the help of musicians, instructors, and retail professionals to bring you a soft case worthy of you and your instrument.

All GiGY® Bags and Potes are handcrafted in Pennsylvania. 

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