GiGY Purple Ukulele Gig Bag Case with Rainbow Safety Pins

Purple Ukulele GiGY™ Bag with Rainbow Safety Pins (Soprano, Concert, or Tenor)

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What's not to love about Rainbow Safety Pins?

Diggin' the Safety Pins Mini Pote, but want a different color GiGY™ Bag? No worries, just build your own starting here: Ukulele GiGY Bags 

Ukes come in all shapes and sizes so please measure before you order. 

Soprano: up to 22"
  • water repellent, heavy canvas exterior
  • soft, white fleece lining
  • white piping and straps
  • heavy duty zipper
  • durable, 3/4" closed cell foam padding on the top and bottom
  • adjustable backpack strap
  • hook for hanging
Concert: up to 24.5"
  • all the soprano features plus 3/4" foam padding all around the sides
Tenor: up to 27.5" 
  • all the soprano and concert features plus a neck pillow with closure and a two way zipper.

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