Navy GiGY™ Bag Ukulele Case with Shamrocks (Soprano, Concert, or Tenor)

Navy GiGY™ Bag Ukulele Case with Shamrocks (Soprano, Concert, or Tenor)

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Are you ready for St. Paddy's Day? How can you not love a holiday all about having fun, hanging with your peeps, and enjoying live music?! 

Bring your ukulele along all dressed up and ready to go! You can get the whole package right here, just choose your size. 

Love the Shamrock Mini Pote, but would like a different color GiGY Bag? No worries, just build your own starting here: Ukulele GiGY Bags 

Here are the Ukulele GiGY Bag size specs. Ukes come in all shapes and sizes so please measure before you order. 

Soprano: up to 22"
  • water repellent, heavy canvas exterior
  • soft, white fleece lining
  • white piping and straps
  • heavy duty zipper
  • durable, 3/4" closed cell foam padding on the top and bottom
  • adjustable backpack strap
  • hook for hanging
Concert: up to 24.5"
  • all the soprano features plus 3/4" foam padding all around the sides
Tenor: up to 27.5" 
  • all the soprano and concert features plus a neck pillow with closure and a two way zipper.

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