HUG Strap B&W Guitars

HUG Strap B&W Guitars

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The HUG Strap is pure genius, invented by our friend Melissa. We are partnering with HUG Strap to bring you these awesome straps in GiGY™ prints so you can coordinate with your Potes. So much fun!

The HUG Strap is unique because it is made from three separate pieces, allowing adjustment at both the headstock and and around the belt portion which means it can fit any size ukulele from the Soprano size through the Baritone and it can be adjusted to be placed anywhere on the body (up high or low depending on your body size and preference for how to wear your uke.) 

The HUG Strap is handmade in PA, just like GiGY™ Bags. It requires no drilling of strap buttons and won't damage the finish of your uke by hooking into the sound hole.

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