GiGY Bag for Leading Tone Lessons Concert Ukulele Camp

GiGY Bag for Leading Tone Lessons Concert Ukulele Camp

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Congratulations on creating your Concert Ukulele!  You can properly protect your new creation with your very own GiGY Bag.

It's so easy.

Your GiGY Bag will be unique to you! GiGY Bags are made up of three components: Base GiGY Bag, Mini Pote, and Handle that YOU choose. Since you are visiting us from Leading Tones, you are receiving a FREE Mini Pote and Handle with your order. 

GiGY Bag color choices: blue, purple, jade green, pink or navy

Mini Pote choices: Starry Night, Turtles, Pink Triangles, Gamer, Cats, Donuts, Gypsy Feathers, Milk & Cookies, Mustache Mania, Watercolor Music, or Stars

What is  a Mini Pote? That's our made up word for the pocket that attach to your gig bag because it is detachable and can be carried as a tote (they all come with a wristlet strap). It's the perfect size for a  tuner, picks, and other accessories. Bonus: You can change your Mini Pote any time!

The features and materials:

  • water repellant, heavy canvas exterior
  • soft, white fleece lining
  • white piping and straps
  • heavy duty zipper
  • durable, 3/4" closed cell foam padding on the top and bottom
  • adjustable backpack strap
  • hook for hanging

GiGY™ Bags were designed with the help of musicians, instructors, and retail professionals to bring you a soft case worthy of you and your instrument

Have Fun!

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